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Twilight fanfiction paul kidnaps bella

17.10.2020 Twilight fanfiction paul kidnaps bella

twilight fanfiction paul kidnaps bella

I watched my imprint from my place in the bushes, through her bedroom window. She had just finished dressing into her pajamas. When she undressed, well that's when I thought my cock was going to rip through my jeans. I walked by her several times today. Trying to get her to notice me, she even looked directly at me. But still she didn't respond to my imprint.


I felt bad about what I'd have to do but it was for the best. My plan was simple, her father woke up earlier to get to work. Two hours before she wakes up.

Jared had a getaway car ready and I was using an old cabin to keep her in. Until she came around. I was only doing this because I loved her so much. I wanted her to have my babies, six of them to be exact. Five boys and one girl for her to dress up.

Five boys for me to train as men. I took one last look at my love then changed and ran back to my pack. They were all waiting in the field, waiting for their patrol routes. We have to be extra careful, we just killed some pony tailed blond hair vamp. Now we're looking for his red headed mate.

Of course Embry was the first one to crack a joke, "Oh la la, your mates pretty damn sexy. Hey after you make her yours maybe you could take off some of the extra unnecessary clothing. I growled at him snapping at his muzzle a little. Just so he'd get the message. Alright Embry, Quil you two run the east and follow down river. Sam you and I are going to run north to the border.

Brady and Collin go south. Everyone understand? Lets go we'll meet back here in four hours. Let move!I would like to thank all the kind readers who left reviews on the last chapter, your awesome feedback has kept me motivated to continue this story! Bella lay against Paul's side as he breathed in and out. She sank her hands in his fur and kept her face averted from Edward's.

She felt a cool sticky substance on one of her hands and when she looked she realised it was blood. Her body began to tremble as the full import of what had just happened hit her. Edward had injured Paul. She could not seem to tear her eyes away from the deep red liquid staining her hands.

I cannot ensure your safety with these dogs surrounding us I promise I am not angry with you I promise I will keep you safe Sam and Leah growled menacingly as they heard the leech speak, they gave each other one glance and got ready to attack, but Bella's next move surprised them all.

She rose to her feet and walked slowly over to Edward. She was rubbing her hands down the sides of her jeans, trying to wipe away Paul's blood.

Paul whined when he saw her head back toward the leech. He had been ecstatic when she had run straight to him instead of Cullen but it now seemed she was turning her back on him. The burning pain of his injury was nothing compared to the pain piercing his heart at her apparent rejection of him. Bella gazed steadily at Edward as she finally reached him, his arms opened as if to embrace her but she managed to avoid his hold.

A hurt expression crossed his pale features and Bella nearly lost her resolve as she took deep breaths. She needed to say her piece quickly before Edward consumed her as he always did in the end. Paul's is not the first blood that you have drawn. I am sick of it all and most of all I am sick of you and your lies. I curse the day I ever met you, my life has been one long nightmare ever since and I have lived in a constant state of fear. You warned me once that you were a demon and now I see that you are right.

You suck the life out of anyone that comes into contact with you I want you out of my life and Fork's I want you gone. Paul's quick healing had kicked in and after a moment he felt well enough to phase back. Bella had been so caught up in her confrontation with Edward she had not heard him.

Leah and Sam stood on either side of them, keeping guard in case Cullen made any sudden moves. However it seemed that Bella's speech had sent him reeling.

His golden eyes were riveted on Bella, a pained expression apparent on his pasty skin. His eyes travelled down to Paul's arms which were wrapped securely around her and the fact that she was gripping on to him just as tightly.I also need you guys to tell me if I should continue it so yea. It was her 18th birthday and of course the ever exuberant Alice had insisted on throwing her an extravagant birthday party. Alice came bounding forward.

She handed Bella a square-shaped box wrapped in pink, which was from her and an envelope, which was from Emmett and Rosalie as they were going out. The box was a digital camera and the envelope had tickets to Florida, which was where Bella's mother lived. The party was exceptionally planned and was really cool. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, but Bella, not being a party type of person, grew tired after a few hours. Love you," she said and with a quick kiss on the cheek she went off with her boyfriend, Jasper.

Bella walked out of the apartment and down into the street. She walked as she fished through her purse for her phone to call a cab. Bella thought she heard footsteps behind her, so she quickened her pace. The night was cold and deadly silent, not one person in sight.

twilight fanfiction paul kidnaps bella

Bella immediately regretted leaving the party alone. Bella was near an alleyway when suddenly the footsteps gained on her and a man placed an arm around her waist and a hand over her mouth. Bella screamed into the hand and thrashed around wildly. The man placed his mouth right over Bella's ear. Just be good and I won't hurt you," a smooth velvety voice warned. Just then a car pulled up in the alley way and 3 men came out.

They assessed the sight in front of the before one of then said in a teasing tone. With that he advanced on Bella, gave her a, what Bella thought was a look of sympathy before he pressed a spot on Bella's neck and knocked her out.

Please review and tell me if it's worth continuing 'cause I'm not sure it is. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Books Twilight. On her 18th Birthday, Bella Swan is kidnapped by an extremely good-looking man who claims he loves her. Will she get away from this man or will she fall in love with him?

Kidnapped Isabella Swan sighed as she made her way to her best friend, Alice's, apartment. Happy birthday! This is too much you guys," Bella said as she hugged them all.I went downstairs after Paul called me to come eat for the fifth time.

I wasn't hungry but he kept insisting I eat. I was sure to go all out on dressing in pajamas and having my hair messy. I wasn't going to dress up for him of course and it made me look like I didn't care I just wanted to go back upstairs and go to sleep. You love me.

Then it hit me the letter explaining my love for Paul wasn't only for Charlie and anyone else who asked. It was for him to feel less guilty about this all. I just shook my head softly and pushed my plate away. First off we must try and get along no constant fighting. You already no the next.

No going out by yourself. If I tell you to leave me alone. Then you have to. No touching me. Before trying to take my hand.

twilight fanfiction paul kidnaps bella

He had took my hand anyways leading me into the living room where we sat down me on a different couch than he was sitting on. I crawled into bed and had a hard time sleeping I kept tossing and turning it was about one-thirty when I actually did fall asleep. Then I woke up screaming a couple of hours later Paul came running into the room and saw that there were tears streaming down my face.

He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. You kidnapped me and now I have nightmares because of it. I hate you Paul! I looked up and a large wolf was looking at me. Shit he got me!

I was sure that I was dead until the creature phased back and there before me was a very naked Jacob but I didn't care I let him pick me up bridal style and held onto him tightly. I looked at Jacob in shock. Then looked for the chance and sprinted towards the direction leaving the woods before I knew it I was at the front door of Charlie's house I ran into the backyard going in through the back door which was open then closing it behind myself and locking it.

I caught up with my breath and went into my room closing my window and locking that too before crawling into my safe bed and getting comfortable. God today was the best day ever. I escaped I'm safe.Based on the Facebook Day song challenge. Take Our Poll. If you have a banner which is featured on this blog, that is currently uncredited, please let me know and I will make sure this is rectified immediately.

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. What if you had the chance to change the course of your fate? Will she take the advice and chance she is offered? Or will she maintain and become something she was never supposed to?

What if our world was just a simulation, a place where our souls waiting until they were ready? Ready for what?

Why, our placement into our destination world, into the body meant to be ours Having had enough of her selfish mother, innocent and soft-spoken Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father and attend UofW. Boys are nothing but trouble, she reminded herself. For some odd reason though, she couldn't brush off the feeling that Paul Lahote was different. He was a broody, angry wolf and he wanted her He knew how his days would go, with very few notable changes.

Patrol, eat, sleep, work, shower, eat, work, patrol, eat, sex, sleep No matter the order, that was the core essence of it. His schedule would only change when a leech entered their lands, and Paul liked it.

Routine worked for him, and he allowed no one to disturb it. A series of one shots, some part stories with Bella Swan as the main character with various wolves, excluding Jacob. Sorry Team Jake fans. Bella receives Christmas gifts from a mysterious person. Who is it? Will she return his affections? Can you become addicted to the essence of someone? Bella learned the hard way that she could. After not living for months, with the help of some friends, she begins to heal.

With a new life and a new love, she almost has it all. Unless you include sadistic vampires out for your death and an ex that won't stay gone. Will she get her happily ever after? It's Christmas Eve and Bella Swan is coming home. What's meant to be a surprise for Charlie turns into a surprise for Bella herself, one that's likely to change life as she knows it.

Enter one ruggedly handsome single father, his adorable little boy, and a whole new meaning to the term Merry Christmas. Rated T for language.

On her way to confront Jake about abandoning her and lying about it, Bella finds herself without a phone or money and dressed in thin sleepwear when the man who just checked out her ass pointed out her flat tire.

Bella loses her mind. But Paul may help her find herself. AU Stephenie Meyer gets the credit.Story Author Community Forum. Be sure to check your rating to get all the best in the "M" section. PM me with a link if you have a story to be added. Check out the VampSlash blog: vampslash [dot] wordpress [dot] com for all your vampslash needs!

twilight fanfiction paul kidnaps bella

Finally, the VampSlash bloggers are hosting a contest! English - Staff: 6 - Followers: 22 - Since: - Founder: teamangie. It's a collection of all of our must read Twilight FanFiction in one place! Please contact one of us if there is something new that you want added. No matter what kind they are lemons and no lemons probably more lemons then not all characters and all are wonderful fics!

All Pairings. Almost all are rated M for lemony goodness. I will post the stories here when I'm finished and decide if I liked them. If you know of a story that I'm not aware of, please let me know and I will see about adding it to the community. All the good stuff. A list of the Best Fanfics I've read. If you have a story you think should be added. English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 21 - Since: - Founder: princezz1. Lots of people said they don't want to read FF's because they're scared about tarring what they know from the books.

So the list of fics here are all vampire stories. Some of them take place during the books, while others don't. Dedicated to my friend who didn't laugh at my obsession. Enjoy hun! English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 21 - Since: - Founder: outtayourface.

Contest The Doctor, Doctor! Also where she is a vampire from before Carlisle Or human that met a Cullen earlier Or daughter of a Volturi Or some kind of other mytical creature Or half-vamp All Twilight stories, some complete some not, both vampire and human. If you have any story suggestions please PM me!


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